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Why Apple Leaves Low-End Computers to the Competition – BusinessWeek

If you go to the very first entries of my blog, you will find a number of rants against Apple marketing. I asserted that Apple got so many things wrong in the past and as result, ended up as a minor player in the PC industry. I think a lot of what I said in those posts have value and I may have even been right in my assessment of Apple’s product positioning in the past.

But in a significant way, especially in the past three or so years, Apple has been showing the wisdom of not playing the volume seller game. While the rest of the PC market lives on thin margins and requires complementary product sales to make money on their computer business, Apple makes thick margins.  Apple is more interested in margin with less revenue than more revenue with less margin.

So, in fairness to Apple, I am checking the tick box in my WordPress Categories list: Things I Eventually Got Wrong. Though it has taken 20+ years, Apple is finally making money on the closed environment and doing a great job at it.

It’s no secret that Apple AAPL is doing really well at the high end of the personal computer business, but the other day I got some data that cast its recent achievements in a whole new light. In September, according to market researcher NPD Group, Macs accounted for 18.9% of all laptops and desktops sold in U.S. retail outlets. For computers priced above $1,000, Apple’s share was an astonishing 89%.

The NPD numbers overstate Apple’s dominance to some degree. They exclude most sales to large enterprises, which strongly prefer high-end PCs to Macs. Still, the business implications are inescapable. While competitors such as Hewlett-Packard HPQ, Acer, and Dell DELL sell vast volumes of $500 laptops that yield razor-thin profit margins, Apple—whose cheapest MacBook sells for $999—is raking in the lion’s share of the industry’s profits.

via Why Apple Leaves Low-End Computers to the Competition – BusinessWeek.

You have passed your destination.

You have passed your destination.

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Maybe We Can’t After All But Gosh Symbolism Feels Good!

Interesting opinion piece. What strikes me is that Obama can carry himself politically in elections but he can’t carry other elections.  It will be interesting to see what happens next November.

The big-government programs of Obama Democrats evidently have less appeal than those trendy posters and inspiring rallies and cries of “We are the change we are seeking.” I have yet to see survey research showing that young Americans want to work under union contracts, with their 5,000 pages of work rules and rigid seniority systems. That doesn’t sound like a tune that appeals to the iPod generation.

Economically, the Obama majority was a top-and-bottom coalition. The Democratic ticket carried voters with incomes under $50,000 and over $200,000, and lost those in between. As the shrewd liberal analyst Thomas Edsall has noted, there’s a tension between what these groups want. High earners in non-Southern suburbs have been voting Democratic since the mid-1990s largely because of their liberal views on cultural issues; low earners vote Democratic because they want more government money shoveled their way.

via Michael Barone: Tuesday’s Biggest Loser: the Union Agenda –

BMW TV launches iPhone app

Cool! Two of my favorite brands coexisting as one. Well, ok not really. But it’s still cool.

BMW has released a new BMW TV app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It’s available for free at the App Store.

The international video platform BMW TV provides contributions for every field of the premium automobile manufacturer and offers a unique brand experience: The opportunity to stream the latest videos from the BMW TV platform, a video wall with an interactive interface and also the possibility to filter its content according to various criteria. Just start your requested video easily with your fingertip und bookmark interesting videos.

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Analysis: Election lessons will shape ’10 campaign

Thank God. Not that the conservatives have won because they are conservatives but because the process has brought some moderation. Said alternately: It’s not so much that I enjoy the conservative victories and momentum but I do find happiness in the decline of the euphoria of Obamunism.  I am glad that independents are truly independent and have the intellectual freedom to not be swayed by ideology and to not march monolithically to the tune of the left or right.

Lessons from the off-year elections: The president’s influence is limited, independents rule, incumbents beware, issues trump ideology and, once more, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Also: Republicans can win — even if they lack a leader and their base is cracked. And this certainly isn’t the Democratic-friendly political environment of 2006 and 2008 when the party captured control of Congress and the White House.

The first Election Day of Barack Obama’s presidency was a big night for Republicans, who recaptured governorships in the swing state of Virginia and the Democratic stronghold of New Jersey. Democrats won two races for vacant congressional seats, including one in upstate New York that had been long held by Republicans and that exposed a GOP divide.

So, what did we learn about politics, people and their priorities from the handful of races on Tuesday? And how will those lessons shape the maneuvering of Republicans and Democrats ahead of 2010 midterms, when Obama’s prestige will be put to the test across the country?

The results don’t seem to bode well for Obama and his party heading into a high-stakes year as they look to advance an expensive domestic agenda while protecting the Democrats’ grip on House, Senate and gubernatorial seats nationwide. They’ll try to win over people in a country clouded by a job-killing recession, divided over war and, as Tuesday’s results showed, fed up with the powers that be — no matter the political party.

Read the breakdown of AP’s analysis in the link below.

via The Associated Press: Analysis: Election lessons will shape ’10 campaign.

Lady GaGa Totally Looks Like Marjory the Trash Heap

Lady GaGa Totally Looks Like Marjory the Trash Heap

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Lyrics of YMCA that people know

Lyrics of YMCA that people know

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Holiday Lighting Win

Holiday Lighting Win

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Look, don’t even finish reading my blog posts. Right now, go follow the link. Download the 720p video.  If you’re into cars and racing, this video will astound you. I watched it last night and sat there with a huge grin on my face. The sound of the engine of the BMW is so freaking amazing.

Why are you still reading this? Go on. Get out of here.


BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula 1 | Button vows to improve next year

Button will be like several other F1 champions: eek out a championship win and then slip into Also-Ran status. Names that come to mind are Jacques Villeneuve and Kimi Raikkonen. He also has the same disease that a number of other drivers have: a little bit of success allows a driver to suddenly forget uninspiring performance in the past and to extrapolate into the future.

Button won the championship in the first six races because of the Braun’s diffuser advantage. As the rest of the field caught up, Button couldn’t perform. He couldn’t out-perform his teammate, who had the same car.

True, the car creates an almost insurmountable advantage or disadvantage but good drivers — Alonso comes to mind — can take a slow car and place or win with it. Button had a great car for six races but when the car became equalized by the rest of the field, he didn’t perform.

Next year, Button will face Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel, Massa and Kubica. Each of these drivers outclasses Button. They are more complete, more skilled, more composed, more focused than Button.

2010 will be Button’s year of skooling by the likes of these drivers. Button is an unworthy champion and I look forward to him permanently handing off his crown in October next year.

Jenson Button believes he will be a stronger driver next year after winning the world championship in 2009.

The Brawn driver, who clinched the title in Brazil two weeks ago, finished his season on a high with third in Abu Dhabi, his first podium for four races.

“What I’ve been through this season I haven’t experienced before. Mentally it’s been tough,” he told BBC Sport.

“I’ve learnt a lot. I’ll for sure be a stronger driver when I get on the grid for the first race in Bahrain.”

Button dominated at the start of the season, winning six of the first seven races, but his charge hit the buffers as a run of 11 points in five races allowed team-mate Rubens Barrichello and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel to close the gap.

via BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula 1 | Button vows to improve next year.

Sir, have you left you bags

Sir, have you left you bags

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What you think you will be in the future, and where you actually end up

What you think you will be in the future, and where you actually end up

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Heidfeld becomes emotional as BMW bows out of F1 –

This is probably because he’s an inconsistent, uninspiring driver and there are no seats on the grid for a man of his “talent.”

Fortunately, the world still needs pizza delivery guys, so he should be good to go.

I’ve always wondered what the less wealthy drivers do with the cars they are given? Do they have their own tracks? Do they get a supply of engines and mechanics to help them run the cars? Or is it just a big ornament in a garage somewhere?

In any case, buh bye Nick.

Nick Heidfeld was overcome by emotion as he drove the final laps of Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to close out BMW’s time in Formula One.The German carmaker has withdrawn from F1, putting the future of the remnants of the Swiss-based team in doubt. Heidfeld finished fifth to lift the team to a sixth-place finish in the constructors’ championship.

“It is a pleasing end to our last season together,” Heidfeld said. “During the last laps, I had to pull myself together in order to keep my concentration.”

To thank him for seven years of service with the team, Peter Sauber will give Heidfeld one of the team’s cars to keep as a memento.

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